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Conservation of Forest Resources | Metsa ABC

Forest conservation is defined as the prevention of additional forest depletion. MetsaABC provides Forest Maintenance , management, harvesting, and other forest services in Estonia. The following are a few steps that may be taken to help preserve our woods. Planned and Regulated Cutting of Trees Commercial tree cutting is a major contributor to deforestation. Across 1,600 million cubic meters of wood have been utilized for various purposes around the world, according to estimates. Despite the fact that trees are a perpetual resource, their recovery is impossible when they are depleted on a wide scale. As a result,cutting should be controlled by the use of techniques such as: Clear cutting Selective cutting, and Shelterwood cutting For regions where the same sorts of trees are accessible across a vast area, the clear-cutting approach is beneficial. In that instance, trees of the same age group can be chopped down in a designated area and replanted. Only mature trees are chopped down in